5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

West Palm Beach PlumberThere are numerous reasons why plumbing myths are started. One of the main reasons is because people try to fix plumbing problems without the assistance of a plumbing professional. The attempt to fix plumbing problems without the aid of a plumbing professional often results in people blindly trying various things to fix plumbing problems.

A significant number of the things that are tried come from suggestions made by people who know very little about plumbing, which sometimes creates plumbing myths that are mistakenly past from person to person. Some popular plumbing myths include:

1. Lemons Can Clean A Garbage Disposal

2. Running Water While Using A Garbage Disposal Helps The Waste Flow Through The Disposal Better.

3. As Long As A Garbage Disposal Can Be Used It Is Not Clogged.

4. Plumbing Fixtures Can Be Cleaned With Hand Soap.

5. Plumbing Fixtures Do Not Have To Be Maintained.

Lemons can clean a garbage disposal.

This has been a myth that many people have tried; however, lemons cannot clean a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal needs to be cleaned with a cleaning solution that includes warm water and mild soap.

Running water while using a garbage disposal helps the waste flow through the disposal better.

There are some items that should not be placed in a garbage disposal such as thick items and large items. Water will not help items such as these to be handled better in a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can handle the type of items intended for a garbage disposal without the need to run water.

As long as a garbage disposal can be used it is not clogged.

Just because a garbage disposal is running does not mean that there are not potential problems. If a garbage disposal is misused or used frequently, a clog is always a possibility. Therefore, signs should be observed that indicate potential clog problems such as a slow moving disposal.

West Palm Beach PlumbingPlumbing fixtures can be cleaned with hand soap.

There are a variety of plumbing fixtures, and various plumbing fixtures require different cleaning methods. Each specific plumbing fixture has methods of cleaning that should be followed. If cleaned with hand soap, some plumbing fixtures can be damaged

Plumbing fixtures do not have to be maintained.

All plumbing fixtures, parts, and equipment need to be maintained. Just like any other home operations, plumbing needs ongoing maintenance to prevent potential problems.

Plumbing is one of the most misunderstood aspects of daily home operations. With the number of people who attempt to handle their own plumbing issues, many myths have been developed through the years regarding plumbing. Some of these myths are harmless while others can lead to potential plumbing problems.

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