Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


West Palm Beach Drain CleaningHome cleaning solutions come in a variety of different chemical makeups and compositions. These cleaners are often thought of as a quick fix for homeowners that are looking to fix clogged pipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes

The vast majority of chemical drain cleaners use hazardous chemicals that erode pipes over time. Cleaners contain ingredients like hydrochloric acid. These acids eat away at the pipes in an attempt to break down the material that is clogging the pipe. Many homeowners think that copper pipes are not susceptible to this form of erosion, but this is false.

Most Drain Cleaners Are Poisonous

Chemical drain cleaners are made with chemicals that destroy the animal and plant material that typically clogs pipes. Many of these chemicals are extremely dangerous to inhale. Chemical drain cleaners also cause skin abrasions. Many people find that exposure to these chemicals is irritating to the eyes and nose. Excessive exposure to drain cleaner can even cause blindness. Fumes may linger for days after the cleaner is used.

Many common household cleaners also use lye and sulfuric acid. These chemicals eat away at the skin and may cause serious chemical burns. Acids are capable of producing toxic gas that can cause pipes to break and expand. Exposure to drain cleaners may also cause headache, rapid change in heartbeat, vomiting, severe mouth pain and inner tissue damage.

A lot of cleaners use bleach. Bleach is an extremely toxic substance that shouldn't be used within households. Household bleach has recently been linked to higher rates of respiratory illness in children. Bleach can also permanently stain dark colored clothing.West Palm Beach Plumber

Home Drain Cleaners Are Often a Temporary Fix

Most people go to the cleaning supply aisle in their supermarket to find an adequate drain cleaner. They are looking for a quick fix. The problem with trying to use home cleaners is that pipes can be clogged for a number of different reasons. The sewer line could be backed up.

The pipes could also be broken. The home cleaner could further exacerbate this situation. Many homeowners often find that something that cannot be dissolved is stuck in their drain. The home cleaners that use weighted materials to push the clog inward can cause greater damage to the pipes because they are pushing the clog deeper.

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