10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

West Palm Beach PlumberThe bathroom is one area in your home that you use everyday. It's also the one room that potential buyers want updated should you sell your property. Here are 10 ways to beautify this space.

Use burnished metals, such as blackened-bronze or brushed stainless steel, on your fixtures to modernize the room. As a bonus, such metals hide dirt and water spots.


Be bold with lighting. Instead of putting a row of lights above the mirror, add canister lights above the tub or in the shower, or sconces on blank walls. Use dimmer switches, so you can lower the brightness during parties and heighten the elegance with candles.

Turn your shower into a focal point by adding a large rain showerhead in the middle of the ceiling. For added luxury, include body sprays in the walls that have a massage element. Low-flow fixtures will help you save water.

Stand Alone Tub

If you have enough room in a traditional home, replace the standard bathtub with a stylish claw-foot tub, which will act as the room's centerpiece. Bring in matching period fixtures to complete the tableaux.

Bring in some opulent fun by replacing the mirrored wall behind the vanity with an ornately framed mirror from an antique shop. For an exciting contrast, pair it with sleek modern lights.

Furniture and Decor

Replace standard bathroom furniture with pieces from an antique store that are meant for other rooms. For example, use a bureau or dresser for the vanity, or a bedside table to hold accessories. Don't forget to add a waterproof coating to wood surfaces.

Add art, such as paintings, sculpture, or ceramic vases, to accent blank walls and empty corners. However, make sure these pieces are waterproof. For example, use oil paintings rather than watercolors.

Keep it Fresh

If your bathroom is too white or neutral, add color through fabrics, such as in rugs, curtains and towels. Change the look of your bath by swapping out new colors every season.West Palm Beach Bathroom   Remodeling

Beautify at least one wall by covering it in tile, or stone. Make a shower stall look more opulent by refacing all its walls and floor with the same stone tile, accented by a band of colored glass.

Bring in some green with living plants that do well in the humid environment. Species for low-light bathrooms include bamboo, orchids, Boston ferns, and spider plants. If your bath glows with sunlight, try azaleas, gardenias, and asparagus ferns.

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