The Amazing Toilet's History and Advances

West Palm Beach PlumberToilets weren't and currently aren't used around the world. To some countries, toilets are a luxury, and to others, they disarm us from properly excreting waste. It is strange to think, that at one point, we used to dig holes for our waste, and cover them when we were done, but to this day, the same act is done.

We keep our wastes aside from our living area, and for good reason. From the dirt hole to the porcelain throne, here is the history of the toilet.

Mr. Winston Churchill said, "We shaped our toilets, and our toilets shape us." No truer words have been spoken, so here is an intro to our past.

Medieval Ages

In the medieval ages, plumbing arrangements have been drawn out and planned. The Indus were known to have made elaborate plumping plans and to have used toilet with a flushing system.

Some were known to drain all the wastes into the ground, other were known to use rain water. The act of using water to flush away wastes started back in the mid-1500s, and continued to advance throughout the years.West Palm Beach Toilet Repair

Industrial Era

It wasn't until the mid-1900s that the advances with the toilet, itself, started to take flight. On this day, we have numerous options of toilets and features to them that may suit your needs. Some are created to reduce water waste, and some are shaped differently so they can float, rather than be sitting on the floor.

The toilet has a loft history with many new bells and whistles, and while it may not be a new concept to our daily living, it has expanded and hit new lengths.

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